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Posted By: Razer Customer Support On: 28 Jul 2011 08:15 AM
Details Please see the list below for the latest driver, firmware and Addons for your favorite Razer Products.
Please be sure to update to the latest software versions below.

• Razer Anansi PC Driver v1.04 Release,77,89,120

• Razer Anansi Customer Firmware Updater v1.02 Release,77,89

• Razer Nostromo PC Driver v2.02 Release,86,96

• Razer Naga Epic Customer Firmware Updater v1.03,76,90,157

• Razer Naga Epic Dock Customer Firmware Updater v1.01,76,90,157

• Razer Anansi Mac driver v1.00 release,77,89,120

• Razer Mamba 2012 Customer Firmware Updater v1.02,76,171,172,173

• Razer BlackWidow and BlackWidow Ultimate Custom Firmware Updater v1.08 Release
Razer BlackWidow -,77,81,115
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate -,77,82,117

• Razer Naga/Naga Epic WoW AddOn v1.5.0
Razer Naga -,76,40,146
Razer Naga Epic -,76,90,158

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