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Posted By: Razer Customer Support On: 06 May 2011 04:12 AM
Details Many new updates are now available on

For further details on these updates please see below. Feel free to contact the Razer Support team at should you have any questions.

1. Lycosa PC Driver v3.02,77,20

2. Naga Mac Driver v2.01,76,40

3. Abyssus1800 PC Driver v1.02,76,84

4. Nostromo Razer Nostromo PC Driver v2.00,86

5. Naga Epic Mac driver v1.03,76,90

6. BlackWidow Ultimate PC Firmware Updater v1.07,77,82

7. BlackWidow PC Firmware Updater v1.07,77,81

8. Naga and Naga Epic WoW AddOn v1.4.0
Naga -,76,40,146
Naga Epic -,76,90,158

9. Anansi Razer Anansi Customer Firmware Updater v1.01,77,89

10. Naga Epic PC Driver v3.02

11. StarCraft II Mac driver v1.04,85

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