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Intel ME Firmware Updater Guide v1.1.1.2 Details        Download
Description: Intel ME Firmware Updater Guide v1.1.1.2
Release Date:
RazerUpdater_v1.0.6.2_ME- Details        Download
Description: Intel ME Firmware Updater for INTEL-SA-00213 vulnerability       Driver Description Version RazerUpdater_v1.0.6.2_ME-
Release Date:
Razer Blade Stealth 12.5” (2016) - Intel 7500U Razer Blade Intel ME Firmware Update Instructions Details        Download
Description: Razer Blade Intel ME Firmware Update Instructions       Intel Management Engine Interfacer
Release Date:
Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities – Intel® Microprocessor Side-Channel Updater Details        Download
Description: Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Updater - Razer BIOS customer updater Updater version: RazerUpdater_v1.1.0.4_H2-BIOSv0802 BIOS version: 8.02 Update microcode version 0x84 to fix Intel platform secure issue(INTEL-SA-00088).
Release Date:
Razer TPM Firmware Updater v1.0.6.6 Details        Download
Description: Razer TPM Firmware Updater       Driver Description Version Razer TPM Firmware Updater V5.62.3126.2
Release Date:
INTEL IO DEVICES Details        Download
Description: INTEL IO DEVICES       Driver Description Version Intel Serial IO Driver V30.100.1633.03
Release Date:
INTEL SYNAPTICS Details        Download
Description: INTEL SYNAPTICS INTEL SYNAPTICS       Driver Description Version Synaptics Touchpad Driver V19.2.11.0
Release Date:
AUDIO - Realtek High Definition Audio Details        Download
Description: AUDIO - Realtek High Definition Audio       Driver Description Version Realtek High Definition Audio V6.0.1.7874
Release Date:
TOUCHPAD - Synaptics Touchpad Details        Download
Description: TOUCHPAD - Synaptics Touchpad       Driver Description Version Synaptics Touchpad v19.2.11.0
Release Date:
Razer Synapse All-in-one Installer Details        Download
Description: Razer Synapse All-in-one Installer       Driver Description Version Razer Synapse All-in-one Installer V1.0.0.26
Release Date:
WIFI - Killer Wireless Details        Download
Description: WIFI - Killer Wireless       Driver Description Version Killer Wireless V12.0.0.279
Release Date:
BLUETOOTH - Killer Bluetooth Details        Download
Description: BLUETOOTH - Killer Bluetooth       Driver Description Version Killer Bluetooth V12.0.0.279
Release Date:
THUNDERBOLT - Intel(R) Thunderbolt Details        Download
Description: THUNDERBOLT - Intel(R) Thunderbolt       Driver Description Version Intel(R) Thunderbolt V16.2.52.250
Release Date:
GRAPHICS - Intel(R) Graphics Details        Download
Description: GRAPHICS - Intel(R) HD Graphics       Driver Description Version Intel(R) HD Graphics V21.20.16.4541
Release Date:
CHIPSET - Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Details        Download
Description: Intel(R) Management Engine Interface       Driver Description Version Intel(R) Management Engine Interface V11.6.0.1015
Release Date:
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